Review Policy

I review Young Adult and New Adult books, as well as the occasional Adult Fiction. In addition to readers’ suggestions and my own research on which books to review, I’m happy to consider books for review by established publishing houses and their authors. Please send me a request via the contact page and I’ll ping you back!

All reviews are my honest opinion and are usually between 200-400 words. I try to focus on the highlights of each book I read and review, although I still point out the lowlights to give readers an accurate idea of what they can expect. Most reviews will have lowlights and highlights, depending on the content and my reaction to the reviewed book.

I use a five-star rating system to review the books I read. Once my review is posted on Book Gloss, they are then cross-posted on Good Reads with their rating. I also tweet the link out to my Twitter followers.



I don’t give many one-star reviews. To earn this kind of rating, the book would have zero redeeming qualities.



A two-star rating means I didn’t particularly enjoy the book, but there were a few elements that kept me reading.



A three-star review means the book was interesting enough to keep my reading, but lacked important elements like character development, a strong plot, and good settings.



A four-star review meant the book was well written with a few minor issues. This is the kind of book I really enjoyed, but would like to see some improvements on.



A five-star book is excellently written with strong elements throughout. The prose, the characters, the settings, and the plot are spot on.



I commit to reading at least 20% of the book, and if it makes me feel uncomfortable (explicit scenes, swearing, etc.) or is poorly written I reserve the right to forego the remainder of the book.