Hi! Welcome to Book Gloss, a young adult book review blog. I hope you enjoy reading about the books we’ve reviewed- both the good and the bad. Are you ready┬áto learn more about the blogger and the blog?

Kristen Canady

Book Gloss is a book review blog that was started to help readers find books they love without wasting time and money on stories that aren’t awesome. The books featured on this blog are largely Young Adult Fiction, with a sprinkle of Adult Fiction for good measure. All of the reviews posted on this site are spoiler free.



Kristen Canady (that’s me) is the girl behind the keyboard and the primary author of Book Gloss. After suffering through chains of horrible stories, I started this blog to help fellow book lovers find stories they will actually love. I’m uniquely qualified to share my thoughts and opinions- not only do I love books, but I also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing. I’m trained in professional writing and editing, so I’m fundamentally aware of what makes a good story.