Adventurers Wanted, Book One

Four Stars

Title: Adventurers Wanted, Book One: Slathbog’s Gold

Author: M.L. Forman

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Length: 400 Pages


The sign is small, tucked into the corner of Mr. Clutter s bookshop window: Adventurers Wanted. Apply Within. No one but fifteen-year-old Alex Taylor even seems to notice it is there. And for Alex, who has wished for a change in his life, it is an irresistible invitation. Upon entering Mr. Clutter s shop, Alex is swept away to a faraway land filled with heroic warriors, mysterious elves, and hard-working dwarves. Alex becomes the eighth man in a band of adventurers seeking the lair of Slathbog the Red an evil dragon with a legendary treasure. Along the way, Alex and his new friends must battle dangerous trolls and bandits, face undead wraiths, and seek the wisdom of the Oracle in her White Tower. Alex s adventure takes him to distant and exotic lands where he learns about courage, integrity, honor, and, most important, friendship.

Overall Review:

I really enjoyed reading Adventurers Wanted Book One. I thought it was a fresh approach to the fantasy world, and one that makes it very YA appropriate. I liked Alex for the most part, although there were some issues in how he was developed. I especially liked how he grew throughout the story- I think a lot of books are lacking this, and the author did a great job at moving the main character through experiences and trials that helped him become better. The story was engaging, easy to read, and a lot of fun to get into. It was exciting. The ending set the characters up for future adventures, so I’m looking forward to reading more about Alex and his friends.


  • Clever and refreshing approach to fantasy
  • Easy to read
  • Fun and exciting action
  • Good morals
  • Great character development for the main character Alex
  • Good ending with a fun, unexpected twist
  • Narration painted a perfect picture of the events going on
  • Didn’t carry on or become boring- moved right to action points


  • Light on the background of the main character
  • The secondary characters weren’t developed as much as I would have liked
  • Not enough conflict or interpersonal issues like jealousy or major fights- everything was a little too easy
  • Main character never seemed to make any mistakes
  • A little repetitive
  • The author did more “telling” than “showing” in several places
  • Feels a little like wish fulfillment